Magic Book

Instructor: Maya Blow

Date: Sunday, January 8th, 2017

Time: 1-4pm

Location: Soul Flower Farm

Cost: $50     Materials Fee: $25


Visualization is one manifestation technique many people use to inspire and motivate themselves. More than just thinking about what we want, visualization is an effective tool that harnesses the power of our subconscious mind to help us achieve our wildest dreams. In this workshop we will spend the afternoon visualizing what we want to manifest for 2017 and creating a magic book with images, poems, inspirational quotes, and drawings.  The book will serve as a journal for the coming year(s) to record any and all things we want to manifest in our lives and in the world.  Join us for a beautiful day filled with unbridled creativity, loving company, soothing music, and nutritious food.

What to bring: Any special quotes, poems, or images dear to your heart

*Vegetarian lunch and herbal tea provided.


Crazy About Kraut

Instructor: Maya Blow

Date: Sunday, January 29th, 2017

Time: 1-3pm

Location: Soul Flower Farm

Cost: $60


Come learn the basics of making fermented kraut.  We will create different recipes using all kinds of seasonal vegis including several varieties of cabbage, daikon, burdock root, ginger, beets, winter greens and more.  Discussion will include medicinal benefits of our ingredients, as well as, fermenting ideas for winter wellness and spring cleansing. We will also talk about the process of making naturally carbonated fruit sodas. Go home with the ability to successfully make your own vegetable ferments plus samples of all we make in class. Bring a basket or milk crate to carry home all your kraut. *Tea and snacks included.




Food as Medicine

Instructor: Maya Blow and Tamu Mosley

Date: Sunday, February 19, 2017

Time 12:30-4:30pm

Location: Soul Flower Farm

Cost: sliding scale $60-80

Materials $20


“Let thy Food be thy medicine” – Hippocrates

For time untold indigenous cultures have used food as medicine to prevent disease, boost immunity and strength, heal ailments and open doors to higher consciousness.  Join us and get energized as we take you on a journey into worlds of edible medicinal plants, raw living foods, ferments, healing broths, superfoods and traditional recipes from around the globe.  In this workshop we will discuss medicinal plants that can easily be incorporated into our everyday diets for maximum health benefits as well as learn some simple recipes and methods of preparation. We will also discuss the nutritional benefits of home grown animal products.  Get ready for a day of hands on experience.  During class will share a beautiful homemade medicinal meal together.  *Tea and lunch provided


Intro to Natural Beekeeping

Instructor: Yasir Cross

Date: Saturday, February 25, 2017

Time: 10-3pm

Location: Soul Flower Farm

Cost: $75 (no one turned away for lack of funds)


Join Yasir as he leads you through the basics of bee-friendly, natural, organic, small-scale beekeeping. You will leave this class with a competent knowledge of the fundamentals of natural beekeeping, and be ready to set up your own backyard beehive.  The course will focus on a style of apiculture that is exclusively designed for the small-scale beekeeper.

This bee-friendly method aims to care for the bees, allow them to control their own environment, and is a gentler approach than conventional beekeeping, resulting in healthy

contented bees, and superb raw honey!


Topics to be covered in class:

-The history of beehives

-Beekeeping in Bay area climate

-Biology of the honey bee

-Natural comb vs. manufactured comb

-The People's Hive (text included with class)

-Buying bees hives and equipment

-Building your natural hive

-Permaculture and biodynamic beekeeping strategies

-Urban beekeeping

-Harvesting honey and comb

-Homemade extractor

-Medicinal honey use


 *We provide tea and a vegetarian lunch.



All About Nettles

Instructor: Maya Blow

Date: Sunday, February 26, 2017

Time: 10-1pm

Location: Field Trip to Marin

Cost: $50


Stinging nettle is one of our most nutrient rich local wild edibles.  Join Maya on a field trip to the Marin Headlands to harvest early spring nettles.  We will discuss medicinal and culinary uses for this remarkable plant, as well as, learn which other wild edible plants are complimentary. We will also practice techniques for sting free harvesting.  Our day will wrap up with a hike to the beach and some tasters of nettle treats while we sip hot nettle tea.  *What to bring: A few paper grocery bags, scissors, gardening gloves, water bottle, sun hat and warm layers.