Are you ready to heal the planet?  Are you tired of living in a monocultural existence?  R.O.O.T.S. is a one of a kind Permaculture Design Course (PDC) exploring the indigenous origins of permaculture concepts taught from culturally relevant perspectives from a diverse group of people.  We will be creating space for understanding our roles as stewards and reclaiming empowerment through holistic design methods.  Our goal is to deliver knowledge and an experience that facilitates connected oneness with mother earth and healing for our collective spirit!


Reclaiming Origins of Traditional Sustainability is an all inclusive PDC, offering the international standard 72-hour permaculture curriculum with an emphasis on the indigenous origins of permaculture concepts and hands on design and implementation. We will be diving back in time to various indigenous cultures around the planet looking at the origins of permaculture and how traditional people used holistic design systems to be sustainable.


Using a combination of lecture, discussion, hands-on activities at Soul Flower Farm, ancestral ritual, visits to local permaculture sites, and a group design project, you will have the chance to integrate and apply the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual concepts of permaculture design methodology during almost 100 hours of course time.   Upon completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Permaculture Design. We space the course over four long weekends to aid in accessibility for those who are working and have families.


Location: Soul Flower Farm, El Sobrante, California


Dates: June 23, 24, 25, 30 and July 1,2, 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16 (4 long weekends)


Times: 9am-6pm


Cost: Sliding scale $850-1200 USD, scholarships and work trades available






Engineer, Organic Farmer, Bee Whisperer, Permaculturist, Engineer, Co-Owner Soul Flower Farm


Yasir Cross is a design engineer by trade and has been practicing permaculture design for many years.  He is a grey water specialist as well as a skilled builder.  He is passionate about natural beekeeping and has been studying and keeping bees successfully for almost a decade.  He follows the natural beekeeping methods of Abbe Warre.  Yasir is also a crafter and artist who loves to work with his hands.  He has a natural gift for fixing just about anything and as an organic farmer is putting that gift to good use.  A student of the biodynamic farming methodology, Yasir is using, learning, and teaching his experience.  Sustainable building, grafting fruit trees, composting, double digging, and building soil are some of his interests.  Hobbies also include hiking, drawing, mountain biking, and wrestling.  Yasir is co-owner of Soul Flower Farm where he lives with his wife, sons, chickens, bees and jersey milk cows.


Permaculturist, Organic Farmer, Educator, Seed Saver


Annie Antepara is first generation American, born and raised in New York, her roots are Incan and Ecuadorian.  She has been thriving in California for thirteen years.  Annie is an organic farmer, permaculturist, designer, herbalist, and massage therapist.  She is passionate about plants, trees, soil, and loves working with children and animals.  As a teacher and a lifelong student she is always ready to learn from every situation.  Annie views what she does for a living not as a job, but a lifestyle.  Her main interest and method as a permaculture designer is to catch and infiltrate water.  Her purpose as a teacher is to spread knowledge and love.  She believes strongly that knowledge is never to be just obtained; it always needs to be shared.  Annie brings to the School of Earth Medicine abundant experience farming in a dry landscape and a deep overstanding of permaculture design, as well as extensive knowledge of the biodynamic philosophy of Rudolph Steiner.  Annie is an advanced seed saver and has trained for many years with Rowan White of Sierra Seeds.  Annie’s design company is Edge of Resilience.


Herbalist, Classical Homeopath, Organic Farmer, Educator, Permaculturist, Co-Owner Soul Flower Farm, Founder and Director


Maya Blow is an herbalist, classical homeopath, permaculturist, and organic farmer.  She is co -owner of Soul Flower Farm where she lives and enjoys gardening, animal husbandry, foraging for wild food, fermenting and canning, making herbal medicine, cheese making, and dying with plants.  Maya runs a handcrafted herbalism CSA, as well as a herdshare. On her organic farm she grows fruit, vegetables and medicinal herbs, as well as tends bees and raises chickens and jersey milk cows.   She is a current teacher for the California Women of Color Herbal Symposium, as well as on the faculty of the Institute of Urban Homesteading based out of Oakland California.  Maya has been studying, practicing and making herbal medicine for over fifteen years and brings to her practice an innate sensitivity, empathy and powerful intuition towards her clients.  Besides her passion for holistic and alternative medicine Maya teaches nature studies, gardening, herbal medicine making and many other homesteading and DIY classes.  She has been making and teaching art for two decades and continues to draw her inspiration from her love of nature. Some of her most recent work and adventures include speaking at the Black Farmers and Urban Growers Conference Oakland, California 2015,  representing the Black Permaculture Network at the International Permaculture Convergence in England 2015, participating as a North American representative at the Agricultural Biodiversity Community Conference in Thika, Kenya 2015, speaking at the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show 2016, speaking at the Women’s Visionary Congress in Petaluma, California 2016, and teaching for the Bay Area Farmer Training Program through the Multi National Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture.

Guest Instructors:


Seed Keeper, Organic Farmer, Activist,  Author, Director and Founder of Sierra Seeds


Rowen White is a Seed Keeper from the Mohawk community of Akwesasne and a passionate activist for seed sovereignty. She is the director and founder of the Sierra Seeds, an innovative organic seed stewardship organization focusing on local seed and education, based in Nevada City CA. She is current Chair of the Board of Seed Savers Exchange. She teaches creative seed stewardship immersions around the country within tribal and small farming communities in collaboration with organizations such as Native Seed SEARCH, Intertribal Agriculture Council and Organic Seed Alliance . She is the current Project Coordinator and advisor for the Indigenous Seed Keeper Network, which is a part of the Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance.  She is the author, along with Bryan Connolly, of Breeding Organic Vegetables: A Step by Step Guide for Growers. She is currently writing another book on her ancestral seeds of the Haudensaunee/Iroquois people.  She weaves stories of seeds, food, culture and sacred Earth stewardship on her blog, Seed Songs.  Follow her seed journeys at www.sierraseeds.org


Educator, Facilitator, Permaculturist and Ritualist


Afia Walking Tree, M.Ed. Jamaican-born and raised, internationally acclaimed percussionist and visionary facilitator.  Afia blends her radical self-love of earth, drum, body into sustainable life-art practices. Afia insists on drumming, dancing, chanting, and growing food for gender equality, queer rights, and environmental sovereignty. Her wildness inspires authentic edutainment performances, lectures, garden and landscape design and life coaching processes.  Afia serves as adjunct professor at Holy Names University, California Institute for Integral Studies, Sophia University, and Edna Manley College for the Performing Arts in Jamaica.