Summer Session: Thursdays 10am-4pm

June 17, 2021- September 9th, 2021












































* A deva refers to any of the spiritual forces or beings behind nature; nature spirits. A devas daughter is a daughter of the land.


Devas Daughters is a seasonal, POC apprenticeship working with plant exploration of the land through a complete sensory connection with the plant, animal, mineral, human and spirit life present on our farm.  This is a FULL-ON working apprenticeship that meets weekly, either Mondays or Thursdays 10-4pm.  We will cover a variety of topics foundational to community herbalism, as well as, basics for the beginning farmer, gardener and medicinal herb grower.


Each gathering is guided by the land and Spirit.  There is no separation between working the soil and prayer.  However, connection is personal and each apprentice will get as much out of the program as they put in.  Showing up with your FULL-SELF and setting clear intentions are KEY.


We are creating a safe & sacred container to dive deep into our own individual healing through working the land and communing with plants.  Now more than ever, we need to be passing forward the knowledge that is our birth rite and our inheritance.  We are each carrying sacred seeds of knowledge and it is our responsibility to awaken them within our hearts and plant them in our individual families and communities bringing with us the divine spark that will ignite germination and healing growth across our planet.


The cost for the 12 week program is $600 which includes 72 hours of lecture, instruction, hands on herbal & farm experience and a materials fee.

Payment is available in 2 installments.    Additional wildcrafting field trips may be included.



Maya Blow is the main teacher and facilitator along with several guest herbalists and earth workers.

Below are topics covered in each session.  Weekly plant work tasks include HANDS ON planting, tending, harvesting, drying, processing, and medicine making depending on the season, weather and what the land is calling for.



















Communing with the land, Sacred listening, Sacred connection, Spiritual properties of plants, Wild Medicine, Local wild edible and medicinal herb walk, California natives, Soil health, Composting, Compost teas, Food as Medicine, Seed starting, Beginning herbal medicine making, Creating an herbal apothecary, Indigenous foods, Decolonizing our diets, Fermenting & preservation, Healing with the seasons, Wildcrafting, Ethics, Herbal first aid, Hydrosol and EO distillation, Natural Dyes, Flower essences, Nervines, Respiratory Health, Seaweed medicine, and more....



























Communing with the land, Sacred listening, Sacred connection, Wild Medicine, Local wild edibles and medicinal herb walk, California natives, Seed Saving, Beginning herbal medicine making, Creating an herbal apothecary, Working with medicinal roots, Cardiovascular health, Healing with the Seasons, Respiratory Health, Hydrosol & EO Distillation, Adaptogens, Many methods of compost building, Compost Tea, Cover crops, Wildcrafting, Ethics, Skin Health, Herbal Body Products, Medicinal Mushrooms, Seaweed medicine and more...


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Thank you for your interest!

Applications for the Summer session open Tuesday, May 18th and close Tuesday June 1st or when space is filled.  Space is limited and applications are viewed first come first serve.




The Soul Flower Apprenticeship is truly a blessing and unique opportunity to commune and share wisdom, medicine, and solidarity in a harmonious and open setting.  Initially,  I was called to Soul Flower to learn about herbal medicine, but the true lesson was in storytelling, restorative connections and heart-filled medicine making.  The lessons of this apprenticeship transcend time and space and will always hold a special home in my heart.


My warmest gratitude to our teacher   Maya, the essence of Soul Flower Farm and the spirits who've dedicated their energy and medicine to the Soul Flower apprenticeship.


-Ila Perkins

My experience apprenticing at Soul Flower was medicine for  me in so many ways. Being with others who have the same passion to work with plants & the earth, and learning hands on with Maya’s guidance has been a really special opportunity. Her generous nature offered so much to each one of us. She also guided us through some meditations, prayers and gratitude moments during our circles that were beautiful, as we started our days with amazing nourishing teas or cozy drinks.


We always had a choice with the various tasks there were, and I learned so much through them. I’ve been craving to commune with nature in the ways that were accessible at Soul Flower. So thankful for the connections made, with the plants and Soul Fam!


-Kai Celeste

There are no words that can truly express the deep love I have for Soul Flower F and Maya and all  the spirits that walk alongside us as we move on the land and work among the plancestras and plantcestros. This herbal apprenticeship was the one place I felt most at home this past year. Maya has created a healing space beyond the educational realms. Yes we learned so much about the practice and the pace and the hands on grit it takes to dive deep into this work, but none of that was separated from spirit. From our stories, our pain, our joy. We were held in so many ways. From our morning blessings from the sacred smoke to our herbal teas and elixirs that Maya so lovingly made for each one of us.


Theres so much I want to say but it will turn into a memoir hahahaha. I feel emotional just writing about this. Its so much more than an herbal apprenticeship. Its a commitment to healing, not only ourselves, but our relations to the land, the water, community, our dreams, our songs...this POC herbal apprenticeship is invaluable. I recommend to anyone who is committed to their own healing and ready to share the gems that come from  that with the world. Thank you Maya. Thank you so much.


-Amina Malika

Learning together with other WOC about herbal medicine from our roots, all in a safe and sacred space created by Maya, was magical. Spending the day among the farm’s plant friends and learning to cultivate, tend, harvest and process their herbal medicine, breathing in and soaking in Soul Flower Farm’s love, was truly special. Making Maya’s herbal formulas in a community of sisters was also a gift — mixing our energies with the plants created joyful medicine every time!


I highly recommend this apprenticeship to anyone wanting to learn and absorb the art and joy of growing and making your own herbal medicine. Ometeotl


-Rosi Bustamante

I had been looking for an herbalism  apprenticeship for several years and was excited when a friend told me about Soul Flower Farm. The moment I stepped on the farm I knew Soul Flower was the place for me. Maya offers both an intellectual and  hands-on approach in her teaching. I appreciate learning terms combined with intuition and being able to utilize my senses during the process. Being able to plant, harvest, and prepare a variety of different earth-based medicines brought pure joy to my heart.


Maya and her family have a beautiful farm and are very beautiful people who offer a valuable experience in learning. I'm excited about my next phase of my Herbalism journey and a large part of that is what I gained from working with Maya and Soul Flower Farm.


-Tara Christina

The POC apprenticeship program was everything I hoped it would be. I was fortunate enough to come across this opportunity at a time when I needed it the most. Maya was able to bring together healers of all levels and walks of life while giving us all a comfortable and peaceful space to be our selves. I’m truly amazed at her ability to give us structured guidance as a group and also connect with each person individually and encourage them to move at their own pace on their personal learning and healing paths. Any time spent at Soul Flower Farm is well worth every minute.


-Camille-Lillian Dunn



My first year as an herbal apprentice at Soul Flower Farm has been a phenomenal experience. Womyn of color from various backgrounds of herbalist education were all welcomed. As a beginner who has been interested in  learning about earth medicine, I have truly felt supported by Maya and my fellow apprentices. So much patience and love shown. Every time I set foot on this sacred land I automatically feel energized with love and light.


My interest in establishing more connections with plants and herbal healing on  this farm  has  grown greatly because of my experiences  and the sense of sisterhood I feel. I am grateful for the opportunity to continue to help and learn in this space.


-Janae Dedrick

On the first day of the apprenticeship I chose to work with poke roots. It required getting on our knees, hands digging into the soil, and following the offshoot roots to make sure we gather all the medicine we can. The whole process of harvesting, washing, cutting, drying to Maya gifting us each a poke root tincture to work with taught me the importance of being in sacred connection with the land that we are living on.


Being on the farm reminded me of a simple joy I had growing up on a coconut farm in Viet Nam. I appreciate the emphasis working with native plants, learning the spiritual and medicinal properties through our senses. The embodied experience of smelling, tasting and guessing what’s in our tea at the start of every meeting to garbling and seeing the grand process of making hydrosol deepened my awareness for the medicines around me. It helped my body remember how to be in relationship and work with my natural surroundings once again.


As someone who is new, a message that is clear to me is that herbal medicine requires the ability to listen and be in sacred communication with the plants. It nudges the intuitive knowing and working from that space. There is no formula to follow.


-Trang  Tran

My experience with apprenticeship was divinely guided. And im so grateful that I was able to be a part of it. The land at Soul Flower Farm is truly magical and powerful and seemed to welcome me with open arms from the beginning. As the weeks went by the connection between the land, the other beautiful people sharing that space, and myself, only strengthened and deepend. It feels like the spirits of the land were initiating us in some way.. I feel that our ancestors are with us wherever we go and often they are steps ahead of us lighting our path.. I feel that all of us were divinely guided by our ancestors to Soul Flower Farm to be reminded.. Reminded of our deep ancient connection the spirit and to the plants.. Reminded of the ways of gathering, healing, and journeying together and with the plants.. During my experience in apprenticeship I grew a strong bond with the tobacco plant and have been called to continue working with it.. I realize this is one of the main reasons why my ancestors guided me to the farm.. But also to build community and to be reminded that I'm not alone.. Cus it sure feels that way within the hyper individualistic culture that we find ourselves in..


Maya is a true gem for the community and has such a giving and loving spirit. She is a huge inspiration to me and to be in her presence is healing! Im so thankful to her for allowing the experience to us all and I am grateful for the precious and sacred time we shared at Soul Flower Farm.


-Aminah Flower Moon




Top photo by Bethanie Hines

The apprenticeship experience with Maya at her beloved Soul Flower Farm was deeply nourishing and healing. Through the experience, I have learned many practical skills in medicine making and wisdom in connecting and accessing nature's spirit.


Maya is highly skilled and so natural in teaching herbal medicine, ancient wisdom, and farming. I loved and will always cherish my experience!


-Karuna Grace Jones

Participating in Soul Flower Farm's Herbal Apprenticeship was a transformative and incredibly nourishing experience. Every class was planned with beautiful detail, from the herbal tea meditations to the medicine making workshops, Maya thoroughly shared her knowledge with us, answered all of our questions, and held space to ensure every one of us was well. She is by far one of the most humble and empowering mentors I  have ever had because she has the gift of truly seeing us and reminding us of the powerful light within.


Reflecting on each wonderful herbal session where we connected with the plants and one another in conversation and spirit, reminds me of how therapeutic it all was. Soul Flower Farm is a powerful place where one steps into with great humility and an open heart, ready to receive that magic of healing and transformation through the medicine of plants and people.  The community I  found in Maya  and our group of healers was something that supported and inspired me to dive deeper into connection with plant allies and the ancestral art of herbal medicine making. Learning how to grow and care for, harvest, and best combine plants to make beautiful batches of medicine empowered me to start planting and making my own. I love going into my herbal journal when my family and friends feel discomfort while thinking "I know what's good for that!". I'm so grateful for these skills, especially because I started the apprenticeship having almost no knowledge of and connection with herbal medicine.


I am forever grateful for the guidance, wonderful experiences, and sisterhood that helped me gain a deeper connection with plants, nature, and the light within me.

-Yvonne Marroquin